Do you know how much your film will generate in revenue from worldwide sales?

If you have a completed feature or a film project in development, you need to know how much you will be able to get in gross receipts from licensing the rights to each territory in the world.

When you are licensing your film to a distributor, you have to keep in mind that you are dealing with a sophisticated buyer who knows his market and the potential or the limitation of any title he might be interested in.

Distributors take in consideration the following when making an offer, does the film have name actors or not, is it a theatrical title, straight to DVD, TV movie, the genre, the ratings, the performance of the actors, the direction, the production quality, design, cinematography, wardrobe, sound, music, and locations.

Based on the above buyers can approximately tell what the budget of the film is, you cannot fool them.

To prepare accurate international film sales estimates, we call it the Ask & Take Schedule you must possess the experience in dealing with distributors from around the world, be well aware of their market changes, their country’s economic and political situation, piracy and the success or failures of similar titles released in that territory.

We at FILMTVMART posses the experience and have the knowledge to prepare accurate ask & take schedules for completed films as well as films in development.


You have worked hard to make your film and before you approach the market you want to make sure that you are getting the maximum return on your investment.

We screen your film in its entirety and prepare sale estimates based on:

  • The film’s budget
  • The film’s production quality
  • The genre
  • Actors performances
  • Cinematography
  • Production design
  • Locations


If you intend to approach private investors, you need to demonstrate to them that your film project will be a financial success, that they will get their investment back and will make a return-on-investment.

Sales estimates are a requirement when you engage an entertainment financing bank to help finance your film project. The bank wants to see how much your film will be worth in the marketplace and, based on that, they decide what percentage of the film project budget to lend.


  • Read your script
  • Consider the genre of the project
  • Look at your budget
  • Evaluate attached actors if any or your cast wish list
  • If the film is for theatrical release or for home entertainment TV/VOD/DVD

The price for this service is $500.

Let our experienced team prepare accurate sales estimates for your film project.

To get started please make the purchase below and we will contact you immediately with instructions so we may begin, estimated completion time is 72 hours.