Instructions – How To Publish Your Title

  1. Choose Plan: You must first choose and register to one of our service plans
  2. Account page: After you have created your account you will be directed to your My Account page
  3. Submit Content Link: At the bottom of your My Account page click on the SUBMIT YOUR CONTENT link
  4. Dashboard: You will be directed to your dashboard to Add New movie

Click on Movies to the left and Add New:

  1. Title: Enter the title of your project in the (Enter Title Here) Box.
  2. Synopsis: Fill in the synopsis in the text box under the title box.
  3. Add Movie Poster: Click on Add Movie Poster Here link, a new window will open.
  4. Upload Poster: Click on Select Files and find your poster on your computer and add it here. (Important – Poster must be in a JPG format only with 250px Width X 380px Height.  Resolution could be 300PSI).
  5. Set Featured Image: After you have uploaded your movie poster click on Set Featured Image blue button to add poster to your movie’s page.
  6. Pick a Genre: In Genres section pick a genre, you can select more than one genre.
  7. Pick Available Territories: In Territories section pick all available territories, if available in all territories just click worldwide, if not available in USA, just click worldwide excluding U.S.

Follow instructions in Advanced event fields box to enter your title’s Metadata:

Set An Expiry Date – if You do not add a date your title will not show up on site..

  1. Set a Future Expiry Date: click on the box and choose from calendar a future date.
  2. After you choose a future date Click on Set Future Date button to save.


Continue by filling out the rest of your title’s metadata, provide all requested info in boxes.


When you have entered all your title’s Metadata go to the Publish box and click on the blue Publish Button for your title to go live on the front page of the website. If you are not ready to publish it just click on Save Draft button in the same box.

Great Job, You Done It!  Now your title is available for the whole world to see.