Get A free evaluation of your completed feature film.

If you are a filmmaker seeking domestic and international distribution of your completed feature film not sure where to begin – we can help you.

As sales agents we screened hundreds of films over the years and licensed a library of over 100 titles in all genres  to domestic and international distributors at over 40 film markets around the world.

What is involved in our evaluation process:

  • We screen your film in its entirety
  • The budget of your film
  • The cast if known or unknowns and their performance
  • The director’s experience
  • The production values compared to the budget of the film
  • The cinematography, costumes, production design and locations

After the evaluation process we will discuss with you the strengths or weakness of your film and we will suggest to you how to move forward with the distribution process.

The valuation process takes 72 hours to complete from the time we receive your projects information and film screener.

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File Formats: With 20MB Upload Limit
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