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From strategy to pitch and throughout the development life cycle, we work with you as one unified team to provide you with insights and opportunities not easily accessed, to jump-start your film project, get it green lit – and  get the best deal.


We understand the filmmaker’s journey – that’s why we have developed an operating style we rely on as guiding principles to bring together all the essential components that your film project demands to secure financing, receive global distribution and become profitable.


We believe in the essential importance of preparing your project for the global marketplace; our development, production and distribution strategies are wholly-knit together with global distribution and rights-sales decisions. We utilize our vast experience, knowledge and relationships to empower you.

With the know-how to employ a balanced approach to creative and production decisions leading to worldwide success.

To structure a low-risk finance plan to attract investors and financing institutions to successfully fund your project.

To put in-place a sales strategy to release your film through major distributors and extract the maximum possible media and rights earnings from global territories.



  • Insight on the viability of your film project for distributors, talent and investors
  • Seek feedback through our partner network of domestic and international distributors
  • Implement market and distributor input to remove inefficiencies
  • Structure a low risk finance plan to attract investors and obtain bank financing
  • Research A-list actors that are advantageous to the success of your project


  • Evaluation of your script for physical production
  • Analysis of production and distribution costs in relationship to gross profits
  • Prepare accurate and bank approved worldwide sales projections
  • Engage our distributor network to draw a long term strategic sales and marketing plan
  • Begin the negotiation process with talent agents and managers of A-list actors
  • Approach and engage financing institutions


We create a compelling and comprehensive pitch package for your film project that delivers results. Our goal is to enable you to raise private equity; use bank provided financing; receive global distribution; achieve a higher return-on-investment and attain your creative vision.



Please submit your project info and we will contact you within 24 hours to answer any questions, discuss our fees and to get started.

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