How sure are you that your film project will be a success in a worldwide marketplace?

With a glut of films in the marketplace and the increased competition from foreign films, it makes it much harder for films to succeed and many fail to recoup their investments. Unfortunately many filmmakers find this out the hard way, usually after they have completed their films.

On the other hand many filmmakers made successful films because from the beginning and before starting on the production, they realized what was appealing or not in the marketplace, then they adjusted accordingly by implanting certain elements that worldwide distributors were seeking.

We will work with you to examine the viability of your film project in the marketplace and offer our advice and feedback to help move your project forward successfully.

  • Read and evaluate your script or treatment
  • Advice on changes to be made to the script
  • Examine your budget in terms of production costs to sales ratio
  • Advice on cast wish list, genre and key crew
  • Review your finance plan and advice on possible money sources
  • Advice on distribution and sales strategy based on your project

The price for this service is $997.

Let our team help you put your film project on the right tracks early on in your development process, to eliminate doubt and implement necessary changes to help make your project a success.

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