FILMTVMART – The World of Film Distribution in the Palm of Your Hand…

FILMTVMART is an online film distribution and international sales service that licenses motion pictures on behalf of filmmakers and production companies 24/7 to worldwide distributors, broadcasters and VOD platforms.


To help independent filmmakers overcome the challenges related to the distribution and sales of their filmed properties, to succeed and profit from their works utilizing the power of the internet and its vast possibilities, and to fortify our commitment to keeping the spirit of the independent filmmaking alive throughout the globe.

FILMTVMART is a unique service created for independent filmmakers by veteran film producer and sales agent, Tony Kandah.

Filmmakers: Distribution and Sales simplified.

With FILMTVMART you are in control of your film’s destiny. There are no long term commitments, and you decide which rights you want us to license and which territories you want your content to be distributed in.

Buyer, Distributors & Broadcasters:

You don’t have to travel the world looking for Content. FILMTVMART brings titles directly to you to screen when, where and how you want it on any internet connected device. Our professional team will help you locate and access the hottest new titles that you most desire.

Tony Kandah, Founder

Feel confident knowing that FILMTVMART is managed and run by Tony Kandah, which for the past 14 years has been serving the distribution needs of independent filmmakers and licensing films to buyers worldwide.

From 2006 – 2012 Tony Kandah, served on The Board of Directors of The Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA).

A global service headquartered in Los Angeles.